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Financial Oversight of the City of Buffalo

Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority
Public Input

The BFSA was created to oversee the financial operations of the City of Buffalo and the covered organizations (Buffalo School District, the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority, the Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency, and the Joint Schools Construction Board).

The directors and staff of the BFSA place a high value on input from the public. Such correspondence is actively sought and is vital to the success of the organization.

Input may cover, but is not restricted to, a wide range of areas.

Suggestions for input include:

  1.  reducing costs;

 2.  improving service delivery; and

 3.  enhancing revenues.

Submissions are encouraged however not required to include contact information. Personal information may remain confidential, as requested.

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Upcoming Meetings

2022 BFSA Meeting Schedule


The meeting will take place in person at

The Market Arcade Building 617 Main St 1st Floor Conference Room Buffalo, NY 14203